Artist Residency 2018

Art Farm

Art Farm

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Beibei Chen, her husband, daughter and Sandra Hansen went to greet our guests. We took them to many local places such as Lake Michigan.  We talked about art.  We went to ArtPrize where artists came from all over the world to compete for large prizes.  We went on the Blue Coast Art Tour to meet local artists. At Sandra's studio everyone had a hand in making paper.  Our final outing was to go to the Art Institute in Chicago.  The following morning we visited Oak Park to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity and the homes that he designed.

Wenke made this video of Art Farm.

What did we learn from the Artist Residency 2018?

Long term we made friends with two artists who had never left China.  The Fennville artists were so excited to have the Chinese artists come visit them and sign their guest books in Chinese.  Caitlyn's children got to meet and talk to two Chinese artists for the first time in their lives. The Chinese artists got to make paper in a unique way with artist, Sandra Hansen.  They learned about American art through ArtPrize, the Blue Coast Tour, the Art Institute in Chicago, and the Frank Llyod Wright buildings.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go out to many people who participated in the visit.  There are too many to mention, but for starters:

Christine Currie, who gave them a place to stay at Art Farm. Beibei Chen, for going to the airport to greet them and translated webpages into Chinese as well as taking the artists on a tour of the local sites. The Board members of the Artists Cultural Exchange. Caitlyn Hill Landcaster for hosting the artists for a three day weekend.